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Weekend Panty Raid!

Author: Denise Masino
April 28, 2008

100_1703_pnty.jpg cimg5096panty.jpg Dear Diary, I had a great weekend and as always it went by to fast. It’s a good thing I have fan’s who like my panties just as much as I do because, I would never be able to store them all. Only part of my fun is shopping for new sexy undies. I love picking them out and then running home to try them on. I actually think Im developing a panty fetish because every time im shopping I end up in the lingerie department.  I’m posting just a couple of pictures from one of my panty show galleries located in the members section. xoxo Denise

Saturdays, Sundays, fundays!

Author: Denise Masino
April 25, 2008

OK, so it doesnt really matter much to me if its the weekend or not, except that I do love the energy of a Saturday and a Sunday. People all around seem so calm and yet pumped on Saturday and I just love feeding off the buzzed of that day of the week. Sunday on the other hand always feels quieter, almost as though everyone is part of some kicked back calm before the awesome Monday work storm. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will spend my Saturday driving to San Diego and enjoying at least part of the weekend shopping for some new panties! @{———- Denise

April 25, 2008

dsc_0015.jpg  Dear Diary: I have been working behind the scenes with the programmers and designers on the new member’s area so that we can continue to add lots of new hot, super larger high-resolution photos and videos. Im so visual, I love big pictures and I love discovering new internet tools, but for me the most important thing is quality, non-stop content and fun <wink>. I cant wait to start doing my live weekly cam shows again, so I’ve been hounding my programmers on a daily basis <smile>. 

To gag or not to gag…

Author: Denise Masino
April 23, 2008

dsc_0044.jpg  Dear Diary and Taylor, Here’s one kinds of gag I like to play with. More photo sets can be found on my site so you have plenty to play with too. Here’s to being left speachless. (Smile/Wink)  Denise

Panties and pumps at home!

Author: Denise Masino
April 18, 2008

Panties and Pumps!cimg5060.jpg  Dear Diary, In honor of all of the cool emails I got to my high heel blog pictures and website update, I’ve decided to dig out a couple more pictures. And yes, I have lots of pictures in my panties and pumps. One of my favorit pass times is shopping for cute undies and then going home to model them. Believe it or not, wearing high heals is actually a great way to keep your calves in shape <smile>. xoxo Denise

High heels are fun!

Author: Denise Masino
April 15, 2008

dsc_6080.jpgtatoo_4612.jpgdsc_0130a.jpg  Edoardo,  Here are a couple of pictures of some of my favorite high heels! Enjoy! You and I have a lot in common! I have a big shoe fetish and I love wearing high heels. I have a huge collection of spiked heels in almost every color with heels ranging from 3 inches to over 6 inches high. Wearing heels is like being on a pedistal, which of course is where a woman belings <smile> For fun I like to wear my heels at home with only panties and a t-shirt just to be around the house. And I have been known to stretch my legs in heels so that I can put the long sexy stilletto point in my mouth, how is that for playing in your heels!? Check out my new blog post pictures of high heels Im posting just for you. xoxo Denise

Fun picture post!

Author: Denise Masino
April 14, 2008

cimg2241.jpg cimg2985.jpg I always love a wild ride! Check out this amazing Metal Rocking Horse and the Bright Blue Bad-ass, now thats what I call a Ride!

April 12, 2008

dsc_01041.jpg  Fat and Muscle are two totally different things. One does not turn into the other and that old cliche is just an old wive’s tale. It always amazes me when people ask that question, but the truth is most people don’t understand the differences.

Let me give you this analogy. If you compared your muscle to a piece of lean steak you could then also compare the fat on your body to the white squishy stuff you cut off the steak. What happens as we age and in most cases become less active is that our muscles atrophy and shrink. With less activity and less muscle tissue our metabolism also drops, and we tend to grow a thicker layer of fat on our bodies, around our muscles and our organs. So you see, one doesn’t become the other. What usually happens is we just get fatter as we lose muscle through the normal process of aging. And, for that reason alone, working out with weights and staying active is great for all of us and it actually becomes even more important as we age. I like to say that working out is the closest thing to the fountain of youth we will ever have.

On the other two points I can’t really speak to much because I am not a doctor. I do believe though that with all of the medical and holistic progress we have made, I know that there are supplements that can help people deal with Arthritis so that they can lead healthy active lifestyles. Just one more reason why, it’s a great time to be alive. In closing, work out and stay active so that you can add life to your years and years to your life.


Denise Masino

Staying Alive…

Author: Denise Masino
April 12, 2008

I wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple of good friends of mine who both suffered the loss of loved ones this week. One friend lost his mother and the other lost two good friends. I was grateful that in both cases I could able to share some of their feelings and be there for them. These are people who have always been there for me in both small and big ways. Its important to have good friend to talk to when things get hard or when life gets confusing. I guess this post is really about appreciating the great people in our lives for as long as we get to have them. And its also about remembering that “Love is how we stay alive, even after we are gone”. xoxo Denise

April 11, 2008

Dear Diary, You already know that my schedule is crazy and that my days and nights are filled with my various projects, and training, but thats never really stopped me from finding a way to have some fun. One of the things I truly believe is that you have to love life and enjoy as much of it as you can. It’s easy to get caught up in the stressful rat race that is life, but so much nicer when you can look at it all with a sense of humor. Now dont get me wrong, I work a lot and I take my work and business very seriously, but every now and then, I do like to have a little private fun when Im working home alone. So from time to time, instead of a coffee brake I like to take 15 minutes of Denise’s fun time before I get back down to business <smile>. TGIF xoxo Denise