To gag or not to gag…

Author: Denise Masino
April 23, 2008

dsc_0044.jpg  Dear Diary and Taylor, Here’s one kinds of gag I like to play with. More photo sets can be found on my site so you have plenty to play with too. Here’s to being left speachless. (Smile/Wink)  Denise

3 Responses to “To gag or not to gag…”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Dear Denise:

    Thank you thank thank you thank you my gorgeous sweet beauty! Your words and pictures are a delightful reward for a lonely man. Oh how I love you – you’ll be happy to know that I’m cumming in an epic deluge right now. Thank you for your warmth and love!

    Besotted Taylor

  2. Taylor Says:

    You gorgeous gagged beauty, you!

  3. mario Says:

    My oh my…
    I’m breathless, Denise. Breathless…
    I don’t imagine HOW’RE the other photos of those sets…
    I’ve only the possibility to think about of WHO take the whip on your back on the second, with you so defenseless…

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