Saturdays, Sundays, fundays!

Author: Denise Masino
April 25, 2008

OK, so it doesnt really matter much to me if its the weekend or not, except that I do love the energy of a Saturday and a Sunday. People all around seem so calm and yet pumped on Saturday and I just love feeding off the buzzed of that day of the week. Sunday on the other hand always feels quieter, almost as though everyone is part of some kicked back calm before the awesome Monday work storm. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will spend my Saturday driving to San Diego and enjoying at least part of the weekend shopping for some new panties! @{———- Denise

4 Responses to “Saturdays, Sundays, fundays!”

  1. mario Says:

    New panties, eh?
    We’re waitin’ to see them in high resolution…

  2. Denise Says:

    Mario: All of the pictures and especially the more explicate ones are posted on the site. I cant post those to the blog, because I will only get my self in trouble again . I posted several panty sets with sheer, cotton and lace panties and bra’s. I love modeling my underwear and then stripping them off, of course! Denise

  3. mario Says:

    Obviously, i was talkin’ ’bout the photos you post on your site, not in the blog, ’cause i know they’re rules to respect. Someone call them “Netiquette”.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding

  4. Denise Says:

    Netiquette! I love it! I’ve never heard that term before No missunderstanding at all my friend. I’m going to post new stuff today, so watch out! 😉 xoxo Denise

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