Weekend Panty Raid!

Author: Denise Masino
April 28, 2008

100_1703_pnty.jpg cimg5096panty.jpg Dear Diary, I had a great weekend and as always it went by to fast. It’s a good thing I have fan’s who like my panties just as much as I do because, I would never be able to store them all. Only part of my fun is shopping for new sexy undies. I love picking them out and then running home to try them on. I actually think Im developing a panty fetish because every time im shopping I end up in the lingerie department.  I’m posting just a couple of pictures from one of my panty show galleries located in the members section. xoxo Denise

3 Responses to “Weekend Panty Raid!”

  1. mario Says:

    Wow, wow, wow…
    Denise, do you know what we said on my country, about sexy underware?
    No panties, No party.
    Are you in?


  2. mario Says:

    As you’ve answer me on the “Saturdays, Sundays, Fundays”, you’re IN


  3. Taylor Says:


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