High heels are fun!

Author: Denise Masino
April 15, 2008

dsc_6080.jpgtatoo_4612.jpgdsc_0130a.jpg  Edoardo,  Here are a couple of pictures of some of my favorite high heels! Enjoy! You and I have a lot in common! I have a big shoe fetish and I love wearing high heels. I have a huge collection of spiked heels in almost every color with heels ranging from 3 inches to over 6 inches high. Wearing heels is like being on a pedistal, which of course is where a woman belings <smile> For fun I like to wear my heels at home with only panties and a t-shirt just to be around the house. And I have been known to stretch my legs in heels so that I can put the long sexy stilletto point in my mouth, how is that for playing in your heels!? Check out my new blog post pictures of high heels Im posting just for you. xoxo Denise

4 Responses to “High heels are fun!”

  1. mysexydenise72 Says:

    Thanks Denise, the pics are very beautiful, the high heels are gorgeous, but what magnify them is the beauty the sweetness and THE PERFECTION of your feet of your sexy legs and of all your HOT body I LOVE. You are AMAZING and UNIQUE Denise, I can’t wait to see more sexy high heels pics,
    many kisses,

  2. mario Says:

    I’m an high heels fan too and for that photo series i’ve to say they’re great. Expecially the first one on the left (but it’s the owner of the shoes that make special the goodies…)
    But they’re not the only ones on the site.
    All the site is great and you’re are very…big (as you understand what i mean, Denise). I’m a proud fan of yours before i’ve joined this site as a member. I’m italian and i’ve buy your Muscle Elegance mag for years. When the mag going only on line was for me such a loss…
    But now i’m here, on line and with the possibility to talk to you and maybe saw you in action (with the live cam).
    Let’s get fun, Denise.

  3. Taylor Says:

    I love you Denise! Everything about you!

  4. Taylor Says:

    Especially your mouth – your beautiful mouth!