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xoxo Denise

Saturday Live Cam Play date.

Author: Denise Masino
April 22, 2016

After some tech issues this week I was finally able to set my next live member cam show date and time.
I hope the notice is not to last minute for you. I’ll be doing my live cam show tomorrow – Saturday 4/23 at 2:30pm Et / 11:30 am Pt (8:30 pm)

Have a great Friday and Happy Passover!

April 16, 2016
To all my Sheroes and Heroes, yesterdays mammogram check up reminded me to remind you to make sure you get your check ups. Staying in touch with your body is super important and mammograms do not detect every change in your breast tissue. You know your body better than anyone so go ahead and touch yourself regularly! As a nurse friend pointed out to me, the shower is the perfect place to do consistent self examinations.
Love, Health and Fitness to you and yours. xo MF NEo34brjQ6mIro_1_b superhero-breast-check

April 13, 2016

My next live webcam show is tomorrow night! Join me for some convo and sexy muscle curves.
Details: Thursday 4/14/16 9pm Et / 6pm Pct.   Click Here To Enter!

My Sexy Stepper Cam video post

Author: Denise Masino
April 10, 2016

Yesterdays live cam show post is live in my archives library. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with a hot, sexy nude workout with me. www.denisemasino.com

Denise Saturday Live Web Cam Show

Author: Denise Masino
April 8, 2016

Join me for my weekend live cam show. Log in tomorrow – Saturday April 9th,  2016 @ 4:00pm Et, /  1:00pm Pt  (10:00 pm CET)  – Denise Live Show

April 4, 2016


I’ve been a part of the filming of a documentary feature film about real life superheroes for the last 4 years. And in the process I have met a lot of incredible people, superheroes and villains alike who have changed my life. I am excited and pleased to announce that our documentary has been accepted and will premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 1st. (Gasp! My birthday!). Tickets to the screening are available to anyone interested in coming to the screening. Stay tuned for more details on this part of the adventure as I figure out what I’m supposed to do at my very first film festival. Woot! Woot! I’m excited about sharing the Adventures of Miss Fit with you and I look forward to telling you how you can get and watch the movie soon!  For more information on the screening go to: www.sunscreenfilmfestival.com  – Thank you for your love and support.
xoxo Denise aka MissFit 4 Life

New big Nipple Pumping video post

Author: Denise Masino
March 31, 2016

Pumping my nipples to maximum size before I move to pumping everything else. You get to watch and wait for me to tell you when you can come. Watch the PUMP!

FBB live webcam meet up tomorrow.

Author: Denise Masino
March 30, 2016

Join me for tomorrows member cam show – show date and start time is, Thursday, March 31, at 9:30 pm Et / 6:30 pm Pct.  Log In Denise Masino Cam

New Denise Masino videos and photos

Author: Denise Masino
March 30, 2016

Author: Denise Masino
March 23, 2016

My Next Live Cam Show is tomorrow! Thursday 3/24/2016 at 4pm Et / 1pm Pt (10pm Cet)
I hope you can come! Denise Masino on Cam!