April 20, 2024
Denise Masino Flex Fitness

Time flies no matter what you are doing, so paying attention to time and how I use it is something I am thinking a lot about. You already know that I prioritize physical fitness for all the reasons we have discussed many times over. And spending time around trees and grass and taking in the sounds of the birds and nature are a part of my daily routine for the same reason that I commit to my workout routine. And, it’s true the I am probably taking on to much (I have a habit of doing this and I know I am not alone). The way I see it, so long as I get my workouts in, stay connected to nature and my people and “try not to sweat the small stuff” I think I’m on the right track. So the point of this message is to say #staypumped friends. #keepmoving and I’m grateful for you. xo Denise
ps: This 2008 photo of me doing my cardio walk in nature reminds me to keep doing my cardio walk in nature! <smile>

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