Many minds and many hands

Author: Denise Masino
December 7, 2022

And great progress requires many hands too. I have spent countless hours, days and weeks working on a myriad of things related to hurricane Ian recovery and repairs, and we still have so much more to deal with and do. It’s impossible to explain how many little pieces are involved in getting things fixed and right again. But this is not a post about how exhausting so much of this time has been, but, rather this is a post about how grateful I am for the good stuff I’ve seen. I’m grateful for all of the work people are doing each day to help our communities rebuild. It’s not hard to see that people care, and even in their own exhaustion and frustrations, I recognize that given an opportunity to share a kind word and a helping hand, someone always steps up. These are the moments that lift my soul and my imagination. And these are the moments that remind me that all good things are possible.

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