Making V Day happen

Author: Denise Masino
February 18, 2021

I’ll Be Your Valentine if you’ll be mine! To spite Covid and the work being done for my cam upgrades I was happy to be able to see you for a quick Pre-Valentines day cam test last Friday. Thank you to all of you who jumped on to help me test the newest features and who gave me the feedback we need to continue to adjust our new systems. I wanted to wish you a very good Valentine’s Day and it was great to be able to see you with the new chat component which went live last Friday (and hours before camera time). As you know we are not 100% done with the upgrades and there is more to come. I do hope you enjoy the love coming your way with my pre-recorded Valentine video and photo gallery. I will be shooting a pre-recorded show for you this week and as always I welcome your feedback and your special requests. Love D

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