September 30, 2019

Custom “Cardillo Weight” belt donated by Steve Cardillo is up for auction on eBay. This belt is signed by 18 women athletes, legends and champions. Seven (7) former Ms Olympia’s, Two (2) World Champions (including the current World Champion “Helle Trevino” along with 7 other top named IFBB Pro & NPC women athletes. All of these bodybuilding and fitness legends generously signed the belt so that we could auction it off for the kids fighting for a chance at life. Every penny collected from this auction goes directly to the hospital, and you can find a link to see more about the belt on eBay click here: Ms Olympia Autographed Cardillo Weight belt signed by 18 women bodybuilder stars eBay Auction! Auction ends 10/1 at 8pm.
Good Luck and Thank you for watching and sharing. xo Denise

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