Rise and Shine Denise Masino Style

Author: Denise Masino
November 30, 2013

Rise and Shine with me in my sheer white robe. My normal morning routine includes a hot cup of coffee, and a good workout to get me going. Then it’s a warm shower – before I slip into something sexy. Are you a morning person?
Denise Masino Rise1

Rise Denise1  Rise Denise2

3 Responses to “Rise and Shine Denise Masino Style”

  1. matt apicella Says:

    I’m a morning person as long as your there Denise. You look so very sexy: Hope you are well, have a nice week and I really hope to hear from you. Love you,


  2. matt apicella Says:

    Denise, you really can turn a man on!!!

  3. behyndblueeyes Says:

    If I woke up to this, I’d believe that I was in Heaven. This potion #9 goes beyond imagination! Truly an immaculate work of Art, likened to Her “Black Widow”!
    I doubt that – even Nucky Thompson, could remain “poised” under these ultra-persuading circumstances. Power, dominance and influence! What a Woman!!!

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