Denise Masino live cam show

Author: Denise Masino
September 6, 2012

My member muscle cam show is tomorrow Friday 9/7 at 4:30 Et, 1:30 Pt, 10:30 pm CET. We have tons to talk about including my new workout and how my body is looking after a week of a new series of challenges. I hope you will join me.

3 Responses to “Denise Masino live cam show”

  1. badams Says:

    Best job in the world is being Denise’s photographer. I’m first in line if they ever quit. What a sweet shot Denise, I want those panties mailed to me!!!!!!

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    I’ll be sure and remember that! 😉

  3. HardBody Says:

    Wow… Your face your body and you just make me melt in those heels you are to sexy babygirl!! 🙂