August 9, 2009

Erotic papyrusErotic Turin Papyrusturin_132b.jpg

The History Channel had a great program this week called “Sex in the ancient world”, that talked about the discovery of a 3,000 year old papyrus with explicate erotic graphical depictions that one specialist said, could be likened to what we know of today, as a modern adult magazine. This Ancient Egyptian discovery illustrates what may very well be one of the very first pornographic pieces of illustrated work. As experts work to decode the text and art they discuss the possibilities. Is it part of a fertility ritual or ancient erotica? I only caught the tail end of the program but was immediately drawn in by the hard-core imagery, and what struck me most about what most would call pornography, was the simple reality that this papyrus seemed to be suggesting. Through the ages, both ancient and modern man share some very basic common instincts and realities of life. Does this papyrus simply point out that mans fascination with the pleasures of sex is part of human nature? I certainly think so. What do you think?  Listed above are some of the reproductions from the erotic papyrus of Turin.

One Response to “Sex: 3,000 years later and still going strong”

  1. Valentine Says:

    I think this is incredible sex is so important to our history and i love how people are using sex as an artform through paintings,sculptures,music, and movies, and Denise in your case using sex as a way of opening peoples minds and showing that women with beautifully muscled bodies and huge clits are just as sexy as the models in vogue. Truly Amazing

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