My sexy girlfriends

Author: Denise Masino
October 31, 2008

I’ve been posting lots of updates of my sexy muscle girlfriends because as you know, I love to share. Rhonda lee, Melissa and Gabe are just a few of the friends I’ve recently posted. After all, working with these amazing bodies is one of the very best parts of  what I do.  Enjoy my girlfriends… I do 🙂  xoxo Denise

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  1. lanier2k Says:

    Hi Denise

    When will you do foot fetish of your sexy soles and your friends soles like Rhonda Lee, Cassandra Floyd, Desiree Ellis, Gayle Moher?

    You all can get protanned up and oiled down and show your soles. My biggest fantasy is seeing your soles when you are protanned up on stage Denise!

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