Sex and Rock’n Roll

Author: Denise Masino
May 6, 2008

100_0723.jpg Dear Diary, Last night was spent chilling out at home listening to Led Zepplin live. This may sound crazy but I have only just now been fully introduced to all of the music those guys made. Being raised in New York meant I was raised mostly on Motown, R&B, Latin Music and top 40 stuff. The truth is I love all kinds of music and hot Sex and Rock’n Roll is just the tip of a very yummy iceberg for me! <smile>

One Response to “Sex and Rock’n Roll”

  1. mario Says:

    I’m on my way, Sittin’ on the dock the bay, thinkin’ to how get my Stairway to Heaven, thinkin’ ’bout My girl…
    And then… like Jack Blues, i can see the light.
    Rock ‘n roll baby Denise.
    We’re on the same iceberg, me and you.

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