HP hell NO!

Author: Denise Masino
May 20, 2008

Dear Friends, It’s been over a week since my last post and I want you to know that the reason for my disappearing act, was a crazy, mixed-up bag of events, mostly (although not entirely) out of my control. For starters, I was on a road trip for a very special, once in a lifetime event, filled with the loves of my life. That time also included a kick-ass mothers day celebration to honor the wonderful women in my world, and thats when it happened. My laptop computer, my mobil work force, crashed! Yep, it’s been ugly. Anyway, since Mothers Day I’ve been struggling through the process of dealing with frustrating non-stop tech support calls to HP. And, after endless hours of hold time with HP techies who couldnt find my tech support payment, my case # or the correct specs for my computer, I realized they were utterly useless. Lucky for me, I have some good friends (thank you Patrick, Yann and Frankie) and family (thank you Lucky), who have worked by my side to help me sort out my options.  Anyone who’s been through a harddrive crash knows that the biggest issue is data recovery (something Im working on now).  

So why do I say HP hell? Well let me just say this about my experience with Hewlett Packard on my HP Pavilion Laptop. Not only did HP blatantly lie to me about selling me a refurbashed laptop that they told me was new (thats a different story), my constant follow up attempts to get technical support to deal with a failed harddrive thats only 1 year old, proved to be a comedy of errors because of their total incompetence. Unfortunatley, for the momment I’m stuck with a laptop computer and a company that I don’t ever want to do business with again. Furthermore, what I am reporting about with respects to my personal experiances with Hewlett Packard over the course of the last year is just a tiny piece of what I have dealt with with them. Im honestly tired of wasting time thinking about them to say much more then this; Back up your data, ALL THE TIME. And dont buy an HP Laptop if you can help it.

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