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August 11, 2018

Dear members,
Please do not open any emails coming from me or my site. There seems to be a problem with a potential hack on my email accounts that my support people are working on to correct. I have not and will not send out any email messages to you from my personal or support accounts, SO PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING attached in an email. Do not follow any links that might be included in the mail. Do not open any files or attachments on any mail. As you are probably aware the use of email to spread spam, malware and virus is a big problem. These are fake email addresses designed to look like your email and only a trick being used a lot these days. I suggest you do not follow links, or open attachments from any email that you have not verified first. This is something I learned a long time ago.
Love Denise

Take a trip!

Author: Denise Masino
August 10, 2018

Last nights live member cam show archive is up for you to watch! Thank you for hanging out with me as I get ready to take off. As you may know I am not very good at taking time off. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with all of you, and I just want you to know that you will be getting lots of new juicy photos and video next week. My back up people are on the job so that you don’t have to miss me too much! Stay tuned for more on this adventure! Love xo Denise

Thursday member cam show!

Author: Denise Masino
August 8, 2018

This weeks live member cam show will take place tomorrow, Thursday at our normal time slot. Join me and help me get ready! DeniseLiveCam 8.9.18 9pm ET / 6pm PCT

Author: Denise Masino
August 7, 2018

House work, office work and chill time is better with vinyl. Listening to “Mick Jagger” , “Keith Richards” and the Rolling Stones all day today. My vinyl record collection is growing again and I am so happy about it. Many of us got rid of our albums years ago and when the world went completely digital. I forgot how great it was to share the art work of an album cover you could hold in your hands. The experience of going to a record store filled with musical life and art is so much fun and sharing the experience makes it perfection! #LongLiveTheArtistInYou #RollingStonges #RockNRoll #Vinyl Tattoo You

Denise Friday Happy Hour Member Cam

Author: Denise Masino
August 2, 2018

Regardless of my crazy work schedule I have to keep my mind and my body in tip top shape. These two things go hand in hand and so we are going into the gym for tomorrows happy hour workout. Bring some water and a towel and meet me in our room tomorrow, Friday at 9pm Et/ 6pm Pt – Denise Masino Live Cam

San Diego Comic Con 2018

Author: Denise Masino
July 26, 2018

I’m just getting things back on track following my travel and long weekend in San Diego for Comic Con and HOPE. The photos and videos from this weekend are still being edited and should be up on my members site and diary soon. It was a very busy and tiring weekend but it was all awesome. More to come so stay tuned! xo D

July 25, 2018

Yesterdays interview with my friend Pro Wrestler, Bodybuilder and business mastermind Ric Drasin. I love talking to Ric because he is such a positive force of progress. I always walk away motivated and I hope you do to. Enjoy! I love you people!

Member live Cam Tonight!

Author: Denise Masino
July 19, 2018

Don’t forget Happy Hour comes early this week. Join me for my live member cam show tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PCT – DeniseMasino Cam 

let’s get pumped!


Author: Denise Masino
July 18, 2018

Many years ago a real estate business associate congratulated me on some of my success in business and in bodybuilding, to which I humbly responded, thank you, I feel very lucky.
He looked at me and said “LUCKY? You are the hardest working LUCKY person I know!”
It took a split second for me to realize what he meant and that he was right. I have always worked really hard at all I do, and I still do.
So I say to you, what every great mentor of mine has impressed upon me… GO LUCK YOURSELF! Everyday, All day.
#BeExcellent #BeOptimistic #BeHopeful #BePlayful #BeKind #DoWork
#stayfocused #goluckyourself #health #fitness #bodybuilder #missfit4life

July 17, 2018

The fun things that happen when I’m at my Arnold Sports Festival expo booth and when I get to hang with my fans who have become my long time friends. I know his wonderful wife and I have gotten to see his beautiful children grow up. Coach Kenneth Wilson is trying to teach me some cool martial arts moves and when in doubt just dance and NO MATTER WHAT KEEP MOVING friends!  #FitFamily #MF4Life