Ms Olympia Autographed Cardillo Weight belt signed by 18 women bodybuilder stars

I am doing my annual “Misfits 4 Life” St Jude 5K this Saturday and this year we have a new custom “Cardillo Weight” belt donated by Steve Cardillo which is up for auction on eBay. This is a size XL belt signed by 18 women athletes. Seven (7) former Ms Olympia’s, Two (2) World Champions (including the current World Champion “Helle Trevino” along with 7 other top named IFBB Pro & NPC women athletes. A complete list of the women who so generously signed the belt so that we could auction it off for St Jude Children’s research hospital is listed on the eBay description. Every penny collected from this auction goes directly to the hospital and you can find a link to check it out here: Ms Olympia Autographed Cardillo Weight belt signed by 18 women bodybuilder stars eBay Auction!

To make a sponsorship donation to Denise in any amount, you can find her donation page here: Support Denise Misfit 4 Life in her 5K St Jude 5K.

October 7, 2015

Yesterdays interview with Dave Palumbo for RX Muscle TV.
We talked about a variety of topics including what I will be doing this weekend in Tennessee. Mud, muscles and bodybuilding, what do they have going for them?


January 4, 2015

2014 Thank You Cardillo Pinups DonorsV3
You may not know how much you add. You may think it is small, but your impact is greater than you could realize. Every team member, sponsor and donor, every word of encouragement, every social media post like and share impacted this effort. We raised $18,580.00 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this year. You all became Warrior Dash St Jude Warriors. In 3 years we raised almost $50,000.00 together and you became a part of the Adventures of Miss Fit as well. This bulletin board hangs in my office and impacts me every day. You have taught me a lot. Believe in your power, It’s Real!  Happy 2015. xo Denise

MissFits 2014 Team Thank You
2015 is here but I realize that I can’t go into the new year without looking back at the last one. It’s the people, places and experiences, both good and bad that help to shape our lives and bring meaning to it all. Each challenge we face is an opportunity for growth (sometimes I have to say this out loud and as a reminder when things get really difficult). I have so many people to thank for making my life crazier, funnier, more beautiful and more meaningful. This is my MissFits 4 Life 2014 team. They have taught me so much and so have you. Thank you for the Inspiration, Thank you for the laughs and thank you for following us into the mud. MUD? Did we really do that again? Yes we did. We are the MissFits 4 Life.


October 25, 2014

We started at Zero, just a bunch of Miss Fits coming together. We ran and climbed and crawled to this point. Some of you gave anonymously but you still stand out, some of you kept me smiling and pumped with your words, and then there are my team sponsors Cardillo Weightbelts and all of the Muscle Pinups. It all ads up to HOPE for the kids and families of St Jude. Thank you from the bottom of my pounding beating heart. xo MF’er 4 Life, Denise Masino aka Miss Fit

Thank you!

Author: Denise Masino
September 25, 2014

I want to say it to your face. A letter is not enough, the words on a post or a text message doesn’t deliver how I feel and how much I appreciate the contributions to St Jude in my name. I run thinking about my promise to those who support me in this effort. The Missfits 4 Life represent us all in some way.

Go to to see my team of MissFits 4 Life, what a cast of characters we are. #fitspiration #goodshit #MF4Life

Happy Healthy 2013! In 2012 I challenged myself in ways that I have never challenged myself before. I gave up bodybuilding for 2 months and starting running and training in an effort to encourage others to be fitter and to raise money for St Jude Children’s Hospital in the process. The Warrior Dash, was the ultimate win/win challenge, and my fans encouraged and supported me from the start. Although I knew you would be there to support me in this personal challenge, I was blown away by the response I got.

With your positive energy and donations, I was able to push hard enough to surpassed my own expectations as a St Jude fund raiser and I ran my first 5k. Last week, I learned that I was the top individual Warrior Dash, St Jude fundraiser for the year, and, I have been invited to run in the Australia Warrior Dash on February 9th, 2013. Can you believe it?!

I did not accomplish this alone. I had an amazing partner and support team of fellow warriors who did this with me. It was the people who followed me and urged me on that made the real difference to me and my extraordinary team of heroes. I had 17 awesome heroes join me in this fitness challenge to raise money for St Jude, and you became a part of my team too. Together we raised over $16,100.00 for St Jude and I thank you from the bottom of my beating, pounding heart. It was my hope that we could improve our team’s health and fitness, as well as help the kids of St Jude — and we did it! Congratulations to us all!

So here we are on January 1 st, 2013, where each day brings about new opportunities  for growth and positive change. My members and fans have been instrumental in my personal growth and I am grateful for all of the inspiration you provide me with year round. In return, my goal is to inspire you to NEW HEIGHTS in 2013. I want to bring you along with me in my quest to a fitter, healthier YOU. I want to see you harder and more pumped up than ever! <smile/wink>

And, yes I know that change can be hard, but it’s worth it when you are defining, and affecting the change in your life — SO STRAP ON YOUR NIKE’S! 2013 is here and the time for growth and change and fitness is now! I’m going to be recruiting an even bigger team of St Jude Warrior’s and I want you on it!

We have not yet determined our next race, but I will be letting you know when and where it is.



November 23, 2012

Almost 4 weeks ago I ran in my first 5k Warrior Dash Mud run with my team of 17 superheroes to raise money for St Jude Children’s Hospital and my fans supported me every step of the way. This Thanksgiving I’m excited to be able to share a small piece of what happened in the mud and the party that followed. I am humbled and inspired by your generosity. Thank you to everyone who participated, to my team, to my donors, to those who pushed me with words of encouragement and those who helped spread the word of my mission via social media and otherwise. We built this!
Thank you from the bottom of my beating, pounding heart.  xo Denise aka Miss Fit 4 Life

To see some of our photos of the event go to

Mission accomplished…Thank you!

Author: Denise Masino
October 28, 2012

I’m ecstatic to report that my team “Miss Fit’s for Life” did it! We raised over $15,000 for St Jude Children’s Hospital. With the help of my wonderful team of heroes and the generosity of so many people who donated and supported our efforts and our cause, we did everything we set out to do and more. Thank you to all of our supporters, I would love to name each and every one of you, to VPX for sponsoring my team, and to my extraordinary team for going above and beyond the call of duty to make this one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. xo Denise aka Miss Fit 4 Life.

October 26, 2012

Tomorrow I run in my first Warrior Dash 5k Obstacle course mud run. I will lead a team of 18 warriors for St Jude Children’s Hospital. We are officially $900 away from our goal of $15,000. We are close, but we are not there yet. I  know you don’t want to see me stop until I have accomplished my goal and so, until I am in and out of the mud, I will keep on pushing. If you have the ability to make a donation, please do! please donate to St Jude here.