January 3, 2023

Happy 2023 friends! The new year came in pretty much the same as the old year went out. I’m feeling a little run down because I am burning the candle on all ends, but all in all I am doing okay. I’m happy to report that I was able to do my fundraising for St Jude again in 2022 and even though it was a much smaller fundraiser for me, I just couldn’t let the year go by without keeping my promise to St Jude. Thanks a million for helping me keep this promise. Your words of encouragement and support are everything! Also, the hurricane damage clean up and repairs are far from complete, but we push forward each day. I’ve been working non-stop and I am planning, and prepping lot’s of new posts in addition to testing the live cam module. For those of you who have emailed or contacted me and haven’t heard back, please know that I promise to catch up on my mail really soon; At the moment I am working testing the live module and hope to get back on my normal weekly cam schedule soon. Stay tune and Happy New Year to you and yours. xoxo Denise

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