Here comes Nicole!

Author: Denise Masino
November 8, 2022
Denise Masino Can We Talk

While so many people are still struggling to put their homes and lives back in order, and while so many citizens are working long hours to help in a million different ways, the fact is Tropical Storm Nicole (projected to be a category 1 hurricane is making it’s way towards Florida. That means I will be working on preparing my home for the winds and water to come. I’m so glad I got my vote in early. It’s no fun to be dealing with an additional weather event when we still have so many damages to deal with. So due to Nicole, I am forced to postpone our normal Friday Happy Hour Cam. Please stay tuned for additional updates on the cam schedule and if you are in the storms path, please prepare, and I hope you and your community stay safe and secure. #staypumped #lovedrop Denise

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