October 3, 2022

Progress is being made. It’s not happening as quickly as I wish it were. I’m going a little stir-crazy and very busy at the same time. The constant calls, text messages and never ending search for more information on how I can help others and myself in this situation is what is making me feel like I’m on and off a dizzying amusement ride. I’m betting this is normal and as soon as I start getting frustrated I think about how fortunate I am. Every day things are coming back on-line. There are ten’s of thousands of people working on the front line and behind the scenes. Each and every one of them are dealing with some sort of limiting factor because of the destruction to power, water, roadways and other critical infrastructure. Things are getting better and little by little recovery is happening. Thank you to the thousands of workers locally and abroad. Thank you to each and every citizen doing their own work and helping others. Let us be patient with each other during this tense and challenging time. And may we always be a sign of hope to all who cross our path. #lovedrop in your corner of the world. Denise

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