What’s on your mind, update 2

Author: Denise Masino
September 30, 2022

Watching the news coming out of Fort Myers, Naples and surrounding areas is heart wrenching. I can’t help but worry about all the people who have to face so much loss. I am in touch with my family, some of my friends and neighbors and I’m relieved to know they are all safe. With so much happening all at once it’s hard to keep track of things and it’s mind numbing. That said, we are all safe! Damage assessment is next and slowly starting to happen as access begins to open up. I am aware of some of the damage to family and friends homes and property and got some news on my house. Information is starting to come in, but it will be slow for a while. Being patient is hard and necessary. Reminder to self – We are all safe!
Thanks for checking in, I will update more soon.
Love drop in your corner of the world.

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