April 8, 2020

Dear friends, I hope this post finds you all doing well, healthy and feeling safe. My family and I are hunkered down, staying home and doing our part to confine ourselves so that we can be a proactive part of helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. We want to clear the way for all of those people working on the front lines who need to be kept safe while they go to work each day. I am trying to stay focused on the work I can do and also determined to continue working out and doing the physical activity I need to stay healthy and fit. The mental health benefits of keeping a schedule that includes work and workouts along with healthy eating are an important part of dealing with life’s many stresses. I won’t pretend that all of the changes and uncertainty due to COVID-19 have been easy to deal with because they have not. I am spending time listening to infectious disease and medical experts and I like to learn from individuals with deep knowledge of history, tech and business in an effort to gain a broader perspective on the topics related to and surrounding the effects of the virus. And though it looks like eradicating the virus will take a while, I know that if we work together and individually, we will be able to control and eventually end the spread of COVID-19. And my hope is that we spend time thinking about how to do things better and that we work on preparing for the future armed with all of the knowledge we gain from this experience.

So it’s gonna take a while to get past this infectious problem. And we should not take our foot off the brakes too early. This is what I am reminding myself and with the help of today’s cardio walking buddy, the snail’s speed allowed me to see how beautiful it was. And reminds me that no matter how slow we need to go, we will get there. #missfit4life #keepmoving #walk #nature #strengthtraining #fitness #mentalhealth #gratitude #lovedrop in your corner of the 🌎 🌍🌏Read more

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