Setting up my home gym

Author: Denise Masino
March 15, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) and public health reports recommending social distancing to help control possible exposure, coupled with possible gym closure inspired me to go into my garage and set up my home gym. I was scheduled to do my shoulder workout but instead I wanted to access my workout equipment and think about what kinds of exercises I could do at home. EVERYTHING needed to be cleaned and dusted off (smile). So it turns out that I have two benches, one is a flat bench and one is a bench I can use in a variety of positions for incline movements. I have 4 sets of dumbbells in various poundage’s and a small set of kettle bells. I also have an Olympic bar with weights for barbell work and I have a medicine ball, bands and some ankle weights to help meet most of my strength training needs. I’m happy that I have all of this equipment but if you don’t have all of this stuff you can still find great ways to strength train at home and that’s what I’m really starting to think about now and look forward to sharing with you. During this live broadcast it was fun to talk to you about training and to answer some of your questions related to food and things like protein powder and as promised I am including links to the protein power I am using along with the equipment I have at home. Thank you all for joining me on my live broadcasts. Please remember to subscribe to my channel and ring the bell for notifications so that you know when I go live. xo Denise

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