Growing Pains cause Cam Re-schedule

Author: Denise Masino
February 9, 2018

I’M SORRY TO REPORT THAT I HAVE to cancel tonights live member cam show and re-schedule it for early next week. I think they call this sort of situation “GROWING PAINS”.  Upgrades to our systems almost always require non-stop testing and preparations. We do all we can to get it right and try to create as small an interruption as possible, however, large upgrades always create error messages that need to be corrected one by one. That’s exactly what I have been managing for the last several weeks and days. 99% of you will not experience any difference in your member access, but we are working through a few issues that need more attention and time. Thank you for your patience and understanding while I work with our tech teams on improving our back end in hopes of improving your experience. Don’t go away, stay tuned for my reschedule member cam and I’ll tell you all about it. Love Denise

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