Meet Ludovic Marchand the 2nd place finisher at this years first ever Arnold Classic Professional Wheelchair competition.
Ludovic stopped at my booth on Friday and I could tell by the look on his face that he was competing. A bodybuilder always knows when another bodybuilder is ready for the stage and I was excited to hear his story.
At the age of 19 Ludovic was in a car accident that took away the use of his legs. The accident left him in the hospital for over a year, in a deep depression and suicidal. And then he found the gym and started to rebuild himself as a bodybuilder. He told me he last competed when he was 29 years old and had always dreamed of competing at the Arnold Classic but didn’t think the day would ever come. And then it did. He saw the announcement that the Arnold Classic would hold its first Pro Bodybuilding Wheelchair competition and so he started to train for it.
At almost 52 years old (his birthday is on March 18th) and 22 years after his last competition he would compete again.
Ludovic said most of the people he knew told him he was crazy, and that he was too old to compete.  Ludovic laughed as he told me that he had no idea if what he was doing was crazy or not, but he didn’t care, he knew he had to try…And try he did.
He flew into Ohio from Thailand alone, competed at the first ever Arnold Pro wheelchair bodybuilding competition and came in 2nd place in a field of 9 professional athletes last weekend.

Going to the Arnold Sports Festival is always an inspirational journey for me and this year was no different. It’s always uplifting to be around great athletes and fans, but it’s the stories of the people I meet that really keep me coming back each year.

Ludovic told me “Bodybuilding saved my life” and I feel I know what he means because bodybuilding has changed my life for the better. Working out and bodybuilding does a mind and a body good, no matter what age or where you are in life and regardless of whether you want to compete or not. And if you wonder about whether or not you should give up on your dreams, just ask Ludovic!

Thank you Arnold Classic Team for another amazing show experience and Thank you Ludovic for sharing your journey with me. You can count me as one of your biggest fans and I will never forget your bravery. I look forward to inspiring as many people as I can by sharing your courage and your story.

xo Denise – Bodybuilding MissFit 4 Life

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