After the training and the Mud…

Author: Denise Masino
November 3, 2015

After the mud run we drove to Memphis where my teammate, Tom, hosted us to the best barbeque dinner I’ve ever eaten. We made a stop at the famous Sun studios, the birthplace of Rock N’ Roll and where Elvis Presley got his start. I had my first taste of sweet potato pancakes and we experienced the blues on Beale Street. Every minute of this trip was filled with great people and great food. But the most amazing part of this journey and the reason for my trip was to visit the St Jude Children’s Hospital. I must admit that I was anxious about the tour and didn’t know what to expect. What we witnessed was a hospital that has been specially designed to cater to the needs and desires of their patients. Most of the children we saw seemed happy, curious, and as playful as any child you could meet. I was reminded that a child is almost always focused on one thing…playing. I was in awe watching them. Yet the seriousness of the hospital was ever present in the concern I felt coming from parents and family members guiding their children through the halls and I was deeply affected by them. It was clear that the hospital belongs to the patients. Artwork created by them gave expression to their perspective on their unique situation and decorated sections of many walls and hallways. Artwork and smiles aside, fighting a life threatening disease is serious business and the staff at this facility are determined and professional, but most of all, they seem to run on the belief that there is no such thing as a hopeless cause. And there you have it — St Jude the patron saint of lost causes – but at St Jude they don’t believe in lost causes. And so I walked away with the gift of St Jude. The gift of HOPE and hard work and never giving up!
In closing, I want to thank you all for letting me share this experience with you and for supporting me through my health and fitness missions each year.
We have kicked ass and raised over $75,000 for this and I thank you for your support.
Love and Fitness be yours! Denise aka Miss Fit 4 Life. #FuckCancer

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