A Muddy Awesome Mess

Author: Denise Masino
October 13, 2015

It’s 7 am and I am currently sitting in the airport in Memphis, Tennessee sipping on a hot cup of coffee, thinking about the last 8 days. The journey really started at lot earlier than that, but for this post I will talk about my training. The running started in Florida a few months ago with interval runs in the humidity and rain and continued in California so that I could train in the canyons and run the hills in preparation for the Milky Way Farm in Pulaski, Tennessee. It’s a good thing I tackled the uphill running in preparation for my 4th Warrior Dash Mud Run for St Jude, because the hills of Tennessess proved to be the biggest challenge for most of the runners on this course.
This trip had several ups and downs and the hills only represented a few of them. I have a bunch of great photos to share with you from my adventure and I look forward to doing that once I’ve had a moment to get my Nike’s on the ground and the dust has settled. Here is a photo of what my team “The MissFits 4 Life” looked like at the end of our mud run this last Saturday. Stay tuned, I’m coming home!

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