July 16, 2015

I travel quite a lot but when I am on the west coast I do most of my training at Golds Gym, where the members of the gym are an extension of my family. One of the people I have gotten to know quite well over the years happens to be the legendary Albert Beckles aka Mr. Peaks (because of his incredible bicep peaks) and more recently referred to as the Ageless Wonder. This week on July 14th, Albert celebrated his 85 birthday — so a group of us surprised him with an embarrassing display of affection represented by balloons and home-made cupcakes (with the calories taken out of course).

Always one of the gang, Albert still works out every day and is one of the most respected training coaches and mentors around. He has lived his life encouraging others to stay healthy and fit and as I think about him, he reminds me of another dear friend Jim Lorimer, who’s life’s work I admire greatly.  With a little more thought, it occurs to me just how important it is to always be surrounded by a community of people who are both younger and older than you are — so that we can keep each other growing in the very best ways possible. For all of you out there reading this  post, I say keep working on your passions and keep pumping!

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