January 5, 2014

So I’m home, feeling a little under the weather and trying to get caught up on my emails and I come across an email from a member with more ideas and links to sites on sex toys and pussy molds– so I dig in. Before I know it I’m down a Rabbit Hole following links and Googeling products and BAM! I look up and it’s been two hours of sex toys with a new awesome discovery. As I’m looking around at these ass and pussy molds I’m thinking damn I thinking – what would it be like to do one of these things of me? And if I did it, I think it would need to have my pussy, my ass, my 6 pack and tits to make it the mack daddy sex toy clone. And then all of a sudden there it is, exactly what I was thinking about. The Mini Fuck Me Silly.FuckMeSilly

3 Responses to “Fuck Me Silly Denise Masino Toy Mold?”

  1. chrisw25 Says:

    I’ve never used one of those, but if it was a mini of you, I’d be highly tempted. Don’t forget the bush. 🙂

  2. scarface5011 Says:

    Wow, yes if you modeled one of these out of your own body, abs, ripped bulging veins even…mmmmmmmmmm I’d have to have one!

    If you are really serious, you should talk to one of the studios that make these things. I bet if you talk to Fleshlight, they might even make a fleshlight of your pussy, they do it for porn stars, but you’re way better than the average starlet any day! If you talk to them, I bet they could make you into one of these pleasure toys 😉

  3. Denise Masino Says:

    Ha ha Chrisw25, Im trying to figure out how they are going to mold all that PUSSY! :p

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