January 3, 2013

Denise Masino Beast Mode
I’m heading to Australia for the February 9th, 2013 Warrior Dash Mud Run in honor of my St Jude Warrior Run. I’m excited about building a team of warriors down under, so, for my Aussie Mates, if you want to join my team send me an email at info@denisemasino.com. I will get back to the US, in time to meet all of my friends and fans at this years Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio (I would not miss that for the world), and after that I will be putting together a new 2013 team of St Jude warriors for another St Jude Warrior fund raiser. Let’s get in shape together and help make kids healthy too! BEAST MODE!

2 Responses to “Train Like a Warrior…Denise Masino Style”

  1. BertrandL Says:

    Hi Denise

    I’m an Olympic Hopeful from South Africa and I’m really inspired by your ethic. I love strong women such as yourself and I’m intoxicated by your beauty

  2. HardBody Says:

    Somebody needs to call you and put you on the big screen in a action movie or something I think you would look good playing in a action movie!

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