June 3, 2012

I’m on the run and back on the road, in my fancy pantyhose video clip. I have a thing for having my feet, calves and legs worshiped and I’m a total pedicure whore. Soft, pink arches clad in a silky smooth web is where its at. And just think about how you would slip and slide all over those legs. Fancy pants video

2 Responses to “Shaply legs in silky Pantyhose hd video”

  1. badams Says:

    Denise would love to oil your legs, feet and pussy all up, and slip and slide all over you, looking fantastic as always.

  2. David Says:

    Denise: Please do not wear panty hose. Your skin color says, “Keep Me Bare” at all times. Never oil your pussy. Your thick pussy has so much juice. Oiling not needed. What is needed is a deep seeding. Your beautiful!