Fun Birthday cards

Author: Denise Masino
May 6, 2012

As a twin I’ve lived my entire life thinking about my sister each time my birthday rolls around. And one of the things I like to do is find fun and sometimes irreverent Birthday cards. Here are two of my new favorites.

2 Responses to “Fun Birthday cards”

  1. scarface5011 Says:

    fun cards! Since you have a twin, are one of you left handed and the other right handed? There’s supposed to be a link between twins and being left handed, just curious!!

    Oh, and your birthday show was great in replay! I can’t wait to watch it again

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    Interestingly enough I am right handed and my sister is left handed but I think she actually switches between the use of her right and left hand for different things. I have to ask her, because now I am very curious myself.