March 25, 2012


My first night in the desert included time at a locals bar called the Palms. It just so happened that we rolled into town on the weekend of the wonder music festival. We caught two acts, the first being a group of 4 women playing a mix of musical instruments including the banjo, violin, bass guitar, and a washboard (you know the kind grandma used to wash clothes on). I loved watching these women jamming out to their own tunes and harmonizing to their own lyrics. My favorite song was “wild women don’t got no blues”. Next up was a ZZ Top look alike named Cliff Wagnor and his band, the Swamp Coolers. The music was fantastic, I loved Cliff and his band, and, after a few beers I was right at home in this 29 Palms neighborhood bar filled with women in prairie dresses, blue jeans and t-shirts. The men mixed it up with flannel shirts and baseball caps, but the coolest cats looked like they belonged in their own ZZ Top band or should have been a part of the new reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

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