Kiss my feet

Author: Denise Masino
February 19, 2012

I spent the day shopping and now I want my pink feet massaged and kissed and worshiped.

3 Responses to “Kiss my feet”

  1. David Says:

    Denise: Maybe you shopped to long. Maybe you are wearing the wrong shoes. What ever the reason for your pink feet, I have the answer to that problem. I will run my tongue up your leg, kissing every inch of your beautiful brown body. Then I will suck and kiss that beautiful pussy and pull on that clit with my lips. Trust me, you won’t feel your feet anymore. Your mind will be so enthralled with my expert oral skills that your pink feet will be forgotten. Not to mention when I plow my cock deep inside of that swollen pussy, such perfect pussy and awesome clit. Can you feel me baby?
    Denise is # 1 all time woman on this planet! I would feast on your pussy.

  2. badams Says:

    Denise I would love to kiss your feet and suck on your hot toes! You would be naked posing in high heels for me while I lay on your bed strokin my granite hard cock. Then you would let me ravish your gorgeous feet with my tongue,lips and wet mouth. I could make love to your feet for hours, then you would finish me off with your sexy feet covered in my hot thick cum!!!!!!!!

  3. dmfan Says:

    It would be a dream to kiss your beautiful feet, lick your soles, suck your delicious toes and give your gorgeous feet a foot massage