January 14, 2012

I got my Rabbit from my wishlist this week so you know I just had to break it out and try it during my live cam show last night. I want to thank my very generous and super sexy friend for sending it. This was my very first time playing with the very popular pussy filling, clit stimulating toy. I have girlfriends who swear by the rabbit and I plan on putting this bad-boy to the test! Not sure this was actually made for the queen of clits and pussy but we will have fun finding out…wont we !?  Watch the live cam in my archive section now!

5 Responses to “Weights are for girls and so are Rabbits!”

  1. David Says:

    Love your face baby! You look beautifu, truly.l

  2. behyndblueeyes Says:

    The apparell that shields your beauty is more than tantalizing. I Love it when you do that!

  3. Denise Masino Says:

    Thank you David! Hope you had a killer hump day!

  4. steven6405 Says:

    Densie I have anice looking girlfriend who I would like to test thewaters to see if she would be turned on if an attractive gal like yourself were to hit on her. How do I set this up without making it obvious?

  5. steven6405 Says:

    Denise I am sure you have had this question before but I will ask anyways…Is it difficult to arroused with your female counterpart on the set when you are so focused on angle, imagery and taking directional cues all the time?