Top Woman

Author: Denise Masino
December 3, 2011

Sample the best female muscle and the sweetest huge clits – I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Melissa Dettwiller and Wanda Moore and you get to live vicariously through me!

3 Responses to “Top Woman”

  1. cashx548 Says:

    Denise, I saw some of your live cams for download in some forums.Do you want me to post the links or send it to you in a email for you can get them removed?

  2. matt apicella Says:

    Denise, Melissa and Wands, a fabulous trio!!!!

  3. dmfan Says:

    Wow, the 3 hottest women on the planet; you, Diana Dennis and Peggy Schoolcraft turned me into a lover of FBB’s, never thought there could be anyone else in that stratosphere but Melissa and Wanda are