Author: Denise Masino
November 22, 2011

We just got the new MUSCLE KINK II dvd in stock and right on time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Watch the free preview and order your copy and fill up on huge clits, and amazingly gorgeous female bodybuilders.

GET YOUR KINK ON with Denise and her friends! 10 Kick-Ass Female Bodybuilders, 10 Big Clits, 8 Kinky Muscle Scenes! Muscle Worship, Ripped hard muscle flexing, Rough girl-on-girl domination and forced oral sex, A bulging jockstrap, Pole fucking, Food, Body painting, Lots of cream…and those are just the highlights. Order your DVD now and support you favorite girl!


5 Responses to “MUSCLE KINK II is here!”

  1. cashx548 Says:

    The trailer looks really good,Denise! Have you ever thought about doing a movie with Autumn Raby again?!Big clits are beautiful!

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    Autumn Raby retired…bummer huh? This has crazy hot girl/girl scenes with Me and Wanda Moore, Kim Birtch and Melody Spetko and Amber Deluca and Roxie Rain. The solo scenes are hot as hell too.

  3. matt apicella Says:

    Hot stuff again Denise and the girls look great. You and Roxie are my favs, but it is so well shot and edited that it is tough to choose.

    Sorry about Autumn retiring, loved seeing her too!!

  4. cashx548 Says:

    Wow,that sucks.Do you two still talk to each other?

  5. Denise Masino Says:

    I haven’t talk to her in a very long time 🙁