Martin Scorsese’s Hugo

Author: Denise Masino
November 6, 2011

I had the pleasure of watching Martin Scorsese’s new 3D movie Hugo. I’m not a huge fan of 3D but I loved this one. The city Scorcese and his super team created was beautiful and magical. We went to the DGA to see the movie and after the movie James Cameron and Martin came out on stage for a one-on-one interview. It was interesting and inspiring to listen to two master filmmakers geek out on 3D film-making. They talked about the unique learning curve of 3D and the future. In the end, what I walked away with was a renewed sense of inspiration in the realization that no matter who you are, and no matter what you have accomplished in your life, its really all about challenging yourself to learn something new. It is in that process that we grow as people and in our chosen profession our art and our expression.

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