November 3, 2011

I love wearing my Afro. Today I posted a video scene from my live muscle cam show. This outfit with the crotchless panties was a gift from my girlfriend Debbie Bramwell. I always think of the gorgeous Pam Grier when I wear this wig. You can watch the clip now!

6 Responses to “women with muscle and afro’s are sexy”

  1. tcanada1989 Says:

    My dick is hard, just for you 😉

  2. matt apicella Says:

    Super hot and sexy, love ya Denise!!!!

  3. Denise Masino Says:

    Have a delicious weekend Matt. xoxo Denise

  4. Denise Masino Says:

    tcanada, join me on live cam, Im doing a show in my members are on Tuesday and hope you can make it. xoxo Denise

  5. David Says:

    I will eat you like no other! Trust me on that. Respond to me baby.

  6. HardBody Says:

    Wow… The pics you take with the Afro are sexy I love those pics!!

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