Strong women wear pink!

Author: Denise Masino
October 21, 2011

All week long I’ve watch women in my gym working out hard, focused on their fitness and clad in Pink. I’m not much of a pink wearing  woman myself,  but I absolutely know the power of it and was happy to pull out all the pink I own so that I could wear it in honor of the women I love.

5 Responses to “Strong women wear pink!”

  1. matt apicella Says:

    Great move to go pink for bc support for October and to beat the dreaded disease. Btw you look spectacular in pink Denise. Great color for you. Your body is absolutely hot!!!!

    Love you


  2. tcanada1989 Says:

    You look lovely in pink and doing it for a good cause. BTW nice tits and my dick just got hard 😉

  3. behyndblueeyes Says:

    You could make purple on green with yellow polka-dots look great! I know that you’re an inspiration to many woman (as well as men) – and inspiration is a great preventative for such a deadly disease. We all hope before long, there comes a cure. Thank you, You’re a Blessing and Beyond Beautiful.

  4. oldhamer Says:

    Pretty in Pink, and for a great cause. Pure elegance 😉

  5. Denise Masino Says:

    Thank you for the kind comment oldhamer. We have to work together to eradicate cancer and to support or families who fight this battle everyday.

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