August 21, 2011

I hope you’re ready to worship at my feet. Spiked black heels, red toes and a one of my black corsets. Meet me, Monday 8/22 at 10:30 pm Et / 7:30 pm Pt /4:30 am CET

6 Responses to “spiked heels, muscular dominant legs on cam”

  1. mikewilliams Says:

    always ready to worship and serve u

  2. scarface5011 Says:

    can’t wait! haven’t been on a live show in over a year, really looking forward to it D!

  3. mikewilliams Says:

    the day we meet will be the best day of my life,to serve and worship you I will do forever

  4. mikewilliams Says:

    hot hot hot

  5. matt apicella Says:

    I remember this outfit from a few years back and is really great.

    Keep up the sexy stuff Denise!!!!!

  6. boom boom Says:

    shades of Tina Turner (one of the best concerts I ever attended; she sang this there) “she’s got LEGS, sure knows how to use ’em”- WHO better, eh ? ‘cept maybe YOU !!! hey – got time to check a new message under the skunks area ? just posted one there, too.

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