Female Bodybuilder Cloud Nine

Author: Denise Masino
August 17, 2011

Im working on upgrading my live female muscle cam archive library by making big changes to the player and library structure. Those improvements should be ready today but in the mean time, lets spend a little time on Cloud Nine. My muscles are covered in white lace lingerie but that shouldn’t stop you from worshiping them!

4 Responses to “Female Bodybuilder Cloud Nine”

  1. behyndblueeyes Says:

    Denise, you get more and more seductively – physically beautiful as time goes bye. What a woman! A fan since Leg Show…

  2. mikewilliams Says:

    you are beyond description,too hot for words,truly worship u

  3. mikewilliams Says:

    you own my body and soul,nothing else to say

  4. Christian Says:

    Denise, you are divine! Every time when I see you you make me sooooo horny. I like to cling my cock on your sexy leg muscles to masturbate. That will be heavenly for me. Your legs, your divine legs are soooo sexy! These legs, these wonderful legs!!! Please come on into my bed, lay yourself on your belly, then I come to you, I cling my cock on your right calv or your left thigh and I begin to masturbate. I’m lucky that your leg-muscles are harder than my cock and you are stronger than I because you make my masturbation very wild. You are a woman. And for a woman my masturbation has to be never painful. I love you! Kisses!