Asian Influance

Author: Denise Masino
July 18, 2011

Some teaser images from one of my newest photo galleries. I love the erotic allure of the orient. See the full set, toys and all.

4 Responses to “Asian Influance”

  1. matt apicella Says:

    Oh my Denise, you just continue to outdo yourself!!!!!!!

    You look great

    Love you,


  2. boom boom Says:

    WOW !!! was it THAT COLD in there ? is THIS the inspiration for that “Poke Her Face” (whatever, eh ?) song ? hee hee

  3. boom boom Says:

    what was I thinking…I completely forgot to “factor in” the HOTTEST MODEL in America ? sorry, Denise – my ad !?!

  4. mikewilliams Says:

    just so so very hot

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