Ab-solutely Saturday

Author: Denise Masino
February 12, 2011

It’s Saturday and that makes it Abdominal day. Take 1 hour out of your day and get down on the floor for a yummy stretching session and some crunches. Remember to take nice long deep breaths.

6 Responses to “Ab-solutely Saturday”

  1. FloridaBadBoy Says:

    I’ve had an obsession with abs ever since I was a kid. I like to call it my ‘Ab-session’. They never fail to turn me on EVERY time… beautiful picture you posted. 😉

  2. srez7744 Says:

    I have to agree !!!

    I’d love to take an hour out of my day, to get down on the floor and spend my time working on your abs and other areas of course, infact I might need more than an hour 🙂

  3. FloridaBadBoy Says:

    I’ll need a week and another to ‘recuperate’. 😀

  4. Denise Masino Says:

    Im at the gym for some cardio and some more ab work at 7am, not to mention my at home Valentine Day ab work 😉

  5. FloridaBadBoy Says:

    I have an ab roller too. lol 😉

  6. blacknblue Says:

    My favorite pics of yours (besides the ones involving toys of course) are those in which you’re pouring cream or chocolate syrup all over you. The outline the liquid makes on your abs is amazing. Subtle, but I def. appreciate the effect.