Las Vegas Olympia 2010

Author: Denise Masino
September 23, 2010

I drove into the desert last night to find the Las Vegas strip burning bright. After an afternoon of meetings at the Orleans (the official host hotel of the Olympia) I made my way back to my room to relax for the night.  The energy in this city is always electric but when the bodybuilders, fitness, figure and bikini competitors and their fans role into town, the Las Vegas strip lights seem to burn a little brighter. I just love watching the reactions on peoples faces when they find themselves surrounded by a sea of people built like Greek God’s and Goddesses. The Olympia 2010 has officially begun and it’s going to be a great weekend.

2 Responses to “Las Vegas Olympia 2010”

  1. Joe Rock Says:

    Good Luck Bella…. You look stunning… mwah!

  2. paa400_1c3Li Says:

    Seeing this photo makes me want to see you compete again. You belong on stage with this current great group of women!