August 3, 2010

Did you miss today’s live cam show? If you did, then you missed watching me make my homemade lemonade… Denise Masino style.  First I picked a bunch of lemons, and then I used my female muscle to crush then one by one. Each juicy lemon squeezed and juiced all over my biceps, chest and well… you can probably guess the rest. Today’ live cam show will be posted in my archive library on Sunday so if you want some of my special lemonade to help quench your summer thirst, I’ve gotcha covered!  xoxo D

2 Responses to “Denise Masino Crushing Member show and blog”

  1. ahven66 Says:

    WHY!! oh why!! I had problems to see this show?My new computer? My new internet connection? But it was impossible to see it!! Now read what i missed….i am soooo thirsty….squeeze….some drops to your toes….and feed meeee…

  2. Denise Masino Says:

    Oh noooo, Im so sorry you had a problem ahven66, you will be able to watch the show starting on Sunday when it goes live in my cam archive section. Boy did I love crushing those lemons! xoxo Denise