Sexy muscle meals

Author: Denise Masino
July 22, 2010

Denise does breakfast

After my morning round of bike riding and aerobic training I hit the kitchen for a yummy, healthy breakfast. Most people don’t find oatmeal sexy but I know how to sex up my breakfast with some fresh, juicy fruit covered is finger licking good cream….mmmmmm  xoxo Denise

6 Responses to “Sexy muscle meals”

  1. RuneW Says:

    your breakfast looks very good.. 🙂
    It have been better if you sat with me and eat it.. 😉 I like drinking smoothies in the morning..

  2. Denise Fan Says:

    The new clit pump is amazing as you just keep getting bigger and bigger! Whwn this started who would have believed you would become too big for the medium tube?

    I cannot wait to see the measurement of you monstrous “girl-cock” when it let loose in the large tube!

    Denise, thank you so very much for the wonderful things you do for your members!


  3. Denise Masino Says:

    Hi Denise Fan:
    I just love my clit pump. I have no idea just how big I can pump my clitty yet, but I can tell that I need to continue pumping to keep my awesome results 🙂 Im on-location shooting this week so I haven’t been able to pump for over a couple of weeks but as soon as I get home its going to be yum yum pump pump! xoxo Denise

  4. Denise Masino Says:

    Hi RunW:
    I like a smoothy in the morning too 😉 xoxo D

  5. Denise Fan Says:

    I think it is now time when you return to pumping to exclusively let that monster female-cock loose to attack the big one. Based on your comments, the medium is obviously holding it back and it needs room to grow which the large tube will let it do.

    It is so erotic you are into pumping and I can’t wait to see you reach new levels. In time since you have hit 3″ already, my dream goal for you is (dare I say) 1/3 of a foot (or 4″..henehehe)

  6. XavierRS Says:

    Hi Denise,

    I’ve got a question for you about protein drinks. I’ve been using a protein drink with a mix of Soy, Casein, and Whey and I’m about out so I will be getting more. My question is am I better of with just a 100% Whey protein drink vs. the combo I’ve been using? I haven’t kept up on supplements so I don’t know what the accepted better stuff is but I figure you’d know better than anyone else I could ask.