May 18, 2010

We talked about so much, and yet, I felt like I could talk to both Eryn and Allison for days. They got to do all of the question asking, and I did lot’s of talking about everything from my views on the state of the sport of woman’s bodybuilding, to how I feel about showing off my big clit. Their questions and their attitudes showed me just how strong, smart and fun these ladies really are. In closing, I have to say that Eryn and Alli asked me some of the best questions ever posed to me in an interview. To listen to the show log onto on May 19th.  xoxo Denise

One Response to “From Female bodybuilding to adult entertainment”

  1. srez7744 Says:

    Wow denise just listened to the interview,i was so intruiged the whole time just clarifies what an amazing woman you are and how much youve done for fbb and its fans,like me.Look forward for whats install for us in the future !!!! very excited to hear whats on your radar !!!