Todays workout

Author: Denise Masino
April 6, 2010

I’ve never, ever, gone to the gym for a workout and walked out of the gym saying “I wish I hadn’t done that”. Working out always makes me feel good. Today I rocked a back workout, threw in a couple of abdominal exercises and hit the steps for 20. And now I’m ready to get back to the office 🙂 Work it friends, and be sure to share the results, you’re bound to inspire more than yourself.

Denise Flexes her Six Pack

2 Responses to “Todays workout”

  1. scarface5011 Says:

    my quads have a hard time growing, so i did 10 sets 10 reps each set of seated leg extensions for the super burn! it worked, i’m toast 2 days later. what’s your best exercise for burning up quads denise?

  2. XavierRS Says:

    Since I was commenting on another one of your posts today I figured I would go back to here and comment too. I really didn’t want to do my workout one day and was just sitting here in front of the computer and decided to check out your blog and when I read this post it occurred to me that I have never regretted getting a workout done but have regretted skipping workouts. Since then I remind myself about this post whenever I start to think about skipping a days workout and haven’t missed one since. Thanks for the inspiration.